Claritas Musical Memory Work

Cross Seven Ventures LLC offers subscriptions for the musical memory work created by Claritas Publishing to families who desire to give their students a strong educational foundation. Our Goal is to be the most beloved and helpful resource to homeschool families!

What’s in a Cycle?


28 weeks of memory work put to catchy tunes



Read, hear, sing, and move to 9 different subjects



Interactive quizzes with score tracking and award system


Timeline Cards

Special study tool for the Timeline


Fun Links

Supplemental links to other websites


Streaming Channels!


Interactive Flashcard System

Based off the Leitner System to enhance memory retrieval through spaced repetition


Parent & Teacher Dashboards

Encourage students with progress report & badge award system


Subjects Covered













A Classical Education Model

Homeschool moms and dads are superheroes. Life gets busy. Your time is valuable. Here are tools to make your life easier, efficient, and effective.

Because young children begin learning through memorizing words and repeating things over and over again, Claritas Publishing wrote their curriculum to support that developmental phase of a child’s life. In the classical education model, this is known as the grammar stage.

Claritas Publishing has written 4 cycles. Each cycle contains memory work covering the following: Scripture, Hymns, Math, History, Science, English, Latin, Geography, and a Timeline. Each cycle consists of 28 weeks of material, which covers an entire year. The memory includes engaging tunes so that everyone listening will be able to recall the information remarkably fast.

Cross Seven began developing videos based off Claritas Publishing curriculum. We are now able to share the videos through a subscription.

You will be amazed by the results you will see when you faithfully have your children review the materials.

To order Claritas books please click here: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Q. Do the History sentences in correspond with a curriculum?

Yes. The History sentences align with 4 historical cycles that do align with Story of the World. 

Families have successfully used Mystery of History, Biblioplan, as well as other history curriculum books.

To download a document that matches SOTW sentences with the weekly memory work, please Click Here.

What about co-op groups? How do I find a group in my area? Can I start my own group?

Claritas Publishing and Cross Seven do not regulate, oversee, or otherwise govern the groups, co-ops, or schools that choose to use the material. We do not charge fees. We do, however, require that those using our material purchase (own) our material… so, if your child is using our memory work, you need to own either a Memory Work Guide or you need to subscribe to the relevant cycle on CrossSeven.org. These are the only ways to purchase Claritas’ memory work.

To find a group or individuals near you, please email bekah@claritas-publishing.com

What version of the Bible is used for Scripture?
Cycles 1 – 3 uses ESV. Cycle 4 primarily uses ESV, but it contains some KJV as well.
What about the fees and such associated with using Claritas?
We do not charge fees – no sign up fees, no registration fees for the co-op you are starting, no per student fees. We are thrilled you’ve found us and find our materials beneficial – thank you! – and we know that you have your own ideas and plans on how this material can best serve your family or community.

We do ask that you help preserve and protect our rights by not borrowing material from a friend without paying for it; by not copying material for or from a friend; by purchasing a Memory Work Guide for your family to use (new from us or used from a friend) or by purchasing the appropriate subscription from CrossSeven.org; by not sharing (online or otherwise) materials you’ve created for your own family’s use without first asking Claritas Publishing to see if this would break copyright laws. Thank you!

What about a Latin curriculum and Latin Pronunciation?
At Claritas Classical Academy, we use Phenomenon of Language (4th/5th) and love it. POL is straightforward and approachable – even a non-Latin educated parent can teach it as long as they are working through the lessons alongside the student. In 6th and up we use Ecce Romani. Our community meets 2 days/week and our Latin teacher has been teaching Latin, and specifically Ecce, for more than 20 years. We do NOT recommend using Ecce if the teacher is not incredibly strong in Latin (or English Grammar). We used Ecce years ago meeting once a week with a less experienced teacher/parent and it was not successful. Some families in our community have used and had success with Latin for Children and Latin Alive – both are great resources for homeschoolers. There are certainly other wonderful Latin curricula out there.

As for pronunciation: When our Latin memory work refers to Scripture or Church creeds we use Ecclesiastical pronunciation; when we are learning Latin conjugations, declensions, etc. we use the Classical pronunciation. This may seem odd but we appreciate exposing students to both pronunciations and they are not confused by it. So, on our audio CDs you will hear both forms of pronunciation depending upon the subject matter.

How does the memory work treat foreign 'gods'?
Our memory work spends one week on the Greek/Roman gods because those names are fully intertwined within our Western culture. We also memorize facts surrounding major world religions such as Islam and Buddhism but we do not spend time learning the tenets of these false religions. For example, here are the 2 relevant sentences: 1) Tell me about Buddhism: In India, Monks followed Buddha, and are remembered for their beautifully decorated monasteries carved out of the cliffs. 2) Tell me about Islam: Mohammed, the founder of Islam, fled persecution in Mecca and moved to Medina. His teachings formed Islam’s religious text, the Koran.

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