I have enjoyed being introduced to classical learning over the past several years. I have seen the immense benefits of memorizing key facts, in multiple subjects, which enables a broad understanding of how things fit together in our world.

I have been so blessed by the wonderful curriculum that has been developed by Claritas Classical Academy, and they have been so kind to me to allow me to build memory work videos so other families can use them as well.

Through working with my kids and various homeschool co-ops, I have found the videos make it easy for the teacher to introduce the new weekly memory work. This medium facilitates visual and audio learning, and it is easy to keep the information with you everywhere you go. I have devoted the last several years to finding and developing tools that help kids learn quickly and efficiently and to giving homeschooling parents and teachers a little bit of free time to attend to the many other things that are pulling at them.

I pray you will be blessed through Claritas Memory work and  that you will be amazed at the breadth and depth of information that you will experience through this program.


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