Form a Group

Form a Group

Claritas Classical Academy memory work is a wonderful tool. You can work on it independently in the comfort of your home, or with a group of families. You can use it as an after school program, or for homeschooling. There is complete flexibility and you can decide how your group will study the materials.

I recommend forming a group. It gives all of the students a built in accountability system. It is EASY for the teacher to lead the class. It is fun to do projects that enhance the memory work. It is effortless to create review games. It is economically affordable.

Why form a group?

I am so glad you asked! Forming a group allows your kids to interact with others and helps you to build relationships with other homeschooling families.

Here are some examples of how groups have worked:

  1. Three years ago, a group I was with, met for 3 hours in the morning. We incorporated other things besides the memory work and review sessions. We scaled it to the needs of our group.
  2. Two years ago, we joined a well established co-op and offered the class as one of many choices available. Not everyone in that co-op participates in our class, and many of the students in our memory work class participate in the other courses available….art, science, writing, etc.
  3. This year we have changed things up again because there were quite a few kids who phased out of our class for middle school and we had a lot of younger students. We haven’t spent time on Latin or Geography as those are harder for younger kids. There is so much flexibility and it is wonderful!
  4. At Claritas Classical Academy, they have dedicated much time and care into how their group operates. They meet twice a week! They have a list of books and a complete schedule of what the student’s assignments are every day. They wear uniforms! They hire expert teachers for their middle and upper levels.
  5. Another group, meets once a month and they play review games and also go on field trips.

So you see, the ways you can form your group are varied and different.

How do I get started?

Join the Homeschool Support Group Leader page on facebook.

Go to Claritas Publishing for Memory Books, Music CDs, Laminated Maps, Flash Cards, Handwriting Sheets, etc.

For questions about forming a group email Laura.

Here is a link to the memory work: https://www.crossseven.org/products/

If you do form a group, I would use a projector and speakers if you decide to subscribe to the videos. It really makes life easy! You would need a laptop computer or mobile device to access the memory work videos from the Cross Seven website. There is no need to write out all the memory work as you introduce it to your class.