Masterpoint Guide Grades 7-12

Masterpoint Guide Grades 7-12

JJ Veale has created a guide book for students in 7-12 grade. It is designed for homeschool families and groups to use. Here is a link to her product:

Masterpoint Curriculum


JJ Veale is a homeschooling mom of four children, Mia, Maggie, Mikayla, and Max, and the wife of Isaiah. Her earliest ambitions were to be a mom and a writer. JJ received a Journalism degree from the University of Arizona, a masters degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs, and completed all but dissertation for an EdD degree in History of Education from Indiana University. JJ’s professional life took her to work and teach in many college institutions both private and public, large and small.

A desire to be close to family brought JJ and Isaiah home to Arizona, where they now own a mini storage in Flagstaff, have a microfarm, and chase their children around soccer fields!

Though JJ and Isaiah never intended to homeschool their children, they encountered classically educated homeschool graduates in the universities they worked who convinced them to give homeschooling a try. That was more than a decade ago! Since then JJ has started and administered local homeschool communities with a classical / Charlotte education focus and enjoyed seeing her own children grow to recognize Truth, Beauty, and Virtue.

The MasterPoint curriculum was birthed from a desire to provide a “roadmap” of excellent curriculum choices to families for the junior high and high school years. The MasterPoint guide provides a 32-week schedule of multiple curriculums that can be used within a community setting or at home.