10 Reasons Your Family Needs Memory Work

Why Your Family Needs Memory Work

Memory work is a simple but effective tool to add to your homeschool toolbox! Why? I am glad that you asked!

Memory work, like the online memory work you find here on Cross Seven, involves your whole child in the learning process through music, recitation, movement, activities and visual aids. Memory work is integrated into all your child’s subjects and thus, helps your child create connections that improve their understanding.

Adding memory work to your day can give you a simple way to begin or organize your homeschool day. It can let you work with multiple children and even different age groups together which can greatly simplify your life!

Memory work specifically with Cross Seven can allow your child to work independently. Cate shared with us about how she used it with her son who is overcoming the challenges of dyslexia – read more from her about that here in her encouraging article; Homeschooling, Freedom and Dyslexia.

Here is a quick list of TEN reasons to add memory work to your homeschool from Cross Seven creator, Laura Murfin.

10 Reasons Your Family Needs Memory Work

  1. You are busy!
  2. You have a lot of demands placed on you.
  3. You are frazzled!
  4. Your are worried about your family’s education.
  5. You desire time for family fun.
  6. You remember commercial’s catchy tunes.
  7. You love your children to memorize scripture.
  8. You would be thrilled to prepare your kids for middle and high school science.
  9. You desperately want Math to come easily and quickly and for your kids to understand the basics of language.
  10. You hope your kids understand historical events and when they happened in time and where those place are.