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Claritas Classical Academy: An Incredible Find


I want to share with you how I found out about a small group of parents from Pennsylvania who were a complete answer to my prayers.

Not just a quiet answer, but a knock you off your feet answer to prayer.

You see, I was in need of finding Grammar stage classical curriculum to help my kids grow in wisdom and understanding. (Grammar stage is a buzz word in classical learning circles for the primary levels up to sixth grade).

I beseeched my Lord and Savior to show me if there was anyone out there who had developed exactly what I was looking for.

I cannot tell you what search parameters I used in Google, but I believe they were DIVINE. I found Claritas Classical Academy’s webpage and became intrigued with the curriculum they were writing.

The next day, I called the number that was listed on the website and boldly asked if they had the kind of curriculum I was looking for. I was stunned when they had achieved astounding results in their memory work development.

They kindly shipped me the Cycle 1 Memory Book and Music CDs free of charge and let me review them. I quickly shared the newfound curriculum with my friends and we decided to use it for our own children.

After this miraculous discovery, I started to see how my kids would appreciate it if I were to combine the words from the memory work, attach the music that went along with it, and to add anything that could help explain what was being learned through a visual means. I shared my idea with Claritas and they were very gracious to let me do it.

It was a tedious process, but I was driven to provide those tools for my kids and anyone else who would benefit from them.

My kids were excelling and I was thrilled. My friends tried it out, and we were all blessed with a truly wonderful school year.

Now I want you to know that I am eager to share this kind of learning with everyone. I know this may not suit every single person’s learning style, and believe me, some of my kids find it easier than others, but I really think you will be amazed by the results you will see when you faithfully review the materials.

I just want to reiterate what an incredible find it was when I clicked on the Claritas Classical Academy link. I am a changed person.

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