Welcome to Cross Seven

Dear Parents and Teachers,

I have enjoyed being introduced to classical learning over the past several years. I have seen the immense benefits of memorizing key facts, in multiple subjects, which enables a broad understanding of how things fit together in our world. Above, you will see an example of what we cover in one week.

Through working with my kids and various homeschool co-ops, I have seen the important role technology has in adding to a student’s ability to recall and comprehend a lot of information in a short period of time. I have devoted the last year to finding and developing tools that help kids learn quickly and efficiently and give homeschooling parents and teachers a little bit of free time to attend to the many other things that are pulling at them.

I pray you will be blessed through Claritas Memory work and  that you will be amazed at the breadth and depth of information that you will experience through this program.

Kindest regards,

To order memory work, contact Holly Schrock at holly@claritasclassicalacademy.com or by calling her at 610.325.3545 or 610.574.3978.