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This Cycle has been carefully written by a group of homeschool moms who met together through numerous “curriculum retreats”. They would wade through stacks of books and information to compile a rich memory work syllabus. After the written work was completed, they paired their product with a talented vocal and musical artist who brought this memory work to life. The tunes are delightful and catchy.

Included in Cycle 4 are Twenty-eight Scripture passages and several Hymns. A history Timeline is introduced over the course of the year and is repeated with each cycle. The History sentences follow, “The Story of the World, Volume 4,” which covers The Modern Age (1850 to 1994). The Science memory work covers Physics & Electricity. For Math and English, the first part of each cycle will introduce memory work which will be repeated each year, and Cycles 1 & 3 are the same and Cycles 2 & 4 are the same. The Latin subject material covers declensions, conjugations, and Pater Noster. Geography covers European, South American and modern times locations.

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