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Special Thursday

It has been a joy for me to watch my girls grow in their abilities to write. I remember the first year we started using this curriculum. Talk about girls (and mom) who were overwhelmed. We were fortunate to be a part of a group to help us with our accountability.

This is now our 3rd year to use IEW. There are still challenging days and the road sometimes feels long, but my girls are accomplishing great things and writing better than I did, especially at such young ages.

Of course each girl is unique in their strengths and weaknesses. I have a meticulous daughter who does well with checklists and precise requirements. I have another daughter who is extremely free spirited. She would prefer to dive into writing pages on whatever she is feeling. For her, the rules can be a creativity killer, but now that she is used to them, her stories are coming to life.

We have downloaded this app and it comes in handy to have lists of word suggestions. ~Laura

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