Memory Works!

Today, I read a blog post from Melissa Corkum, A Tale of 3 Learners, about how classical education has been a blessing for her family. She zeroed in on the first phase, which is the grammar phase. She explains how the memory work can be challenging and many other families have told her that their kids would never be able to memorize very well.

I have found this to be true for my kids too. I had one that memorized a full timeline, that she had never seen, in 10 days. She was the dream child for memory work. I had another that could repeat it 30 times and still struggle…she would have to sleep on it and then she could recite it the next day with no trouble. I have another that cannot memorize unless she reads the words. I don’t even try to teach her because it just sounds like strange noises to her. Overall, they are all good at memorizing now but they were not always like that.

I challenge you to give memory work a try. I believe you will see improvement as you work with your kids and their learning styles!