Seasons Changing!


A snapshot of the past few months…

Summer is here! Busy fun, soccer camps, drama camps, swimming, re-staining the deck and play set, a long list of projects to complete before the new school year begins…

Wow, positive pregnancy test, and complete joy from the kids, surprise for the parents…tiredness, plans set aside, rest…

Thankful for wonderful kids who help cook, clean, and do laundry. They have learned to mow and how to fill the day with ingenuity and creativity.

It is so great to see how our whole family grows through change. Would they have ventured into new discoveries if I was able to keep things going? I don’t think so, because it’s sometimes easier for me to just do something than to have the kids help.

Growing Through the Changing Seasons

I know they don’t like it when I am not up and about, but they are excited for the end result…a BABY!

So now, as the 2nd trimester appears, I hope to have a little more energy, but I am impressed with how the kids are applying themselves to learning and becoming more independent. I am grateful for the new memory work we are learning from Claritas Classical Academy, Cycle 4. I know this will be a good school year.

If you have kids and you would like to have your mind put at ease, even through the craziness of life, I encourage you to give the memory work developed by Claritas Classical Academy a try. Your kids will cover many subjects, and as they memorize them, they will become quite acquainted with a broad array of facts. They will light up when they see a news story about Queen Victoria because they are familiar with her, and so many more exciting topics. Give this musical memory work a try! It is well worth it!

Resources for New Moms and Moms to Be

There is a season for everything – a season for being a hands-on homeschooling mom and a season for resources that allow them to learn while being a little more independent! I hope these free homeschool resources will give you a few minutes to rest: