The Relaxed School – Freebie Offer

The Relaxed School – Freebie Offer

I invite you to try Claritas Classical Academy.

You will have access to a year’s worth of memory materials. Subjects include: History, Science, Geography, Math, Grammar, Latin, Scriptures, Timeline and Hymns.

Have your children listen to it every day and you will be amazed how their young minds naturally and quickly learn many new things. The memory work has been put to song, so you will hear them sing as they are doing their own thing and playing.

Feel free to cancel your subscription any time. After one month of free access, you will automatically be billed every month until you cancel.

Claritas curriculum has truly been a game changer for us. We memorize a lot of material, AND my kids remember it. We have been doing memory work for several years now. I look forward to my kids learning in high school because they will already know many Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Latin, History, Grammar, Algebraic, Geometric, and Geographic concepts.

Cycle 3 Videos
Free 1 day trial!
Price: 14.99 per month