The Unhurried Homeschooler by Durenda Wilson

Easy to Read & Practical

I had the privilege of reading The Unhurried Homeschooler by Durenda Wilson. It is short and sweet and filled with practical tips for homeschoolers!

When reading this book, I could see how we have incorporated many of her ideas, and it helped me in my confidence in the power of homeschooling. I think Durenda has a critical thing to say in our day because she is a woman of excellence and a mom who is interested in pushing academics and raising her children holistically. I love how she combines personal responsibility and freedom.

The author offers homeschooling tips for both unschooling families and structured homeschoolers.

Book Description

Homeschooling is a wonderful, worthwhile pursuit, but many homeschool parents struggle with feelings of burnout and frustration. If you have ever felt this way, you’re not alone! Most of us need to be reminded of the “why” of homeschooling from time to time—but The Unhurried Homeschooler takes parents a step further and lifts the unnecessary burdens that many parents place on themselves.
Drawing on twenty years of homeschooling her eight children, Durenda Wilson gently reminds parents about the things that really matter, as she offers a clear portrait of what a life-giving home life can be during the homeschooling years. Reading The Unhurried Homeschooler is like having coffee with a trusted friend. You’ll be encouraged as you learn to do what God has put before you. This book will lighten your load while helping you learn how to raise life long learners and ENJOY the homeschool years with your kids.

The Claritas memory work is a great way to live this unhurried lifestyle when the kids are younger. My kids seem to enjoy the music and learn so much quickly. They have time to do the things they want.

I appreciated that the book was simple to read – perfect for a homeschool mom who is short on time. Additionally, it was packed with tips and encouragement for homeschoolers of all styles and from all walks of life. Grab the book now on Amazon. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!