7 reasons your family needs memory work

7 reasons your family needs memory work

7 Reasons Your Family Needs Memory Work

1. You love your children to memorize scripture.

I cannot tell you how many times I have used the scriptures that we have memorized together as a family for different life lessons we are going through. I have witnessed the power of the scriptures to transform my children’s outlook in the middle of the day.


2. You need to prepare your kids for middle and high school science.

My older kids are starting to do middle school sciences using Apologia. They have told me on many occasions that they are so glad they have memorized the science tunes and that the songs help them in their understanding.


3. You want Math to come easily and quickly and for your kids to understand the foundations of grammar.

Teaching multiplication and division has been delightful. The algebraic and geometric topics we have memorized have helped us in algebra. To be honest, the songs have helped a family member when they were taking college algebra!

The english grammar memory work has made language arts simple. We use the songs we have learned quite often. The same applies for the latin information that we are learning. I enjoy the fact that complicated subjects are not scary because we are introducing the concepts in a palatable manner.


4. You desire your kids to know when historical events occurred and where those place are.

History has come alive for my kids. Whenever we are reading through history books, the kids light up when we come across information that we have memorized. It’s also exciting to know the time period that the events happen and where on the map it was happening.


5. You are busy!

Life gets busy…there’s church events, family events, sports events, co-op events, special club events, and the list goes on. Claritas memory work condenses a lot of information that packs an efficient punch.


6. You want to be a part of a support group and need an excellent class!

Claritas memory work is an excellent resource for support groups or co-ops. Introducing the new weekly memory work is fun and it is not burdensome for the teacher to prepare for the class. It is easy to add craft activities and science experiments to your class, or to keep it simple. Playing review games is always a wonderful option.


7. You desire time for family fun.

Family fun is important, but if we are loading our kids up with so much school work, we may never have time to enjoy each other. Each week with Claritas, the memory work is about 7 minutes long! Listening to the memory work a few times a day does not take a long time, and the quality of information that is learned lends itself to discovery. Enjoy a book covering information you have memorize OR go to the park and inevitably you will hear your kids singing the catchy tunes while playing.



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